Operation Lilly nets 1,600 traffic citations

More than 1,600 traffic citations – mostly speeding tickets – were written in a 15-week crackdown on dangerous driving launched in honor of Lilly Garcia, a 4-year-old girl shot in the head in her car seat after her father and a man engaged in a road rage incident on Interstate 40.
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Governor Susana Martinez Announces Operation Lilly, Effort to Combat Road Rage

Today, Governor Susana Martinez and Mayor Richard J. Berry announced a coordinated law enforcement effort to combat road rage throughout the Albuquerque metro area. Operation Lilly, named after the 4-year-old girl who was shot and killed in a recent road rage incident, is led by the New Mexico State Police and in partnership with the Albuquerque Police Department and the Bernalillo County Sheriff's Office. Together, law enforcement officers are cracking down on aggressive, distracted, and other dangerous driving behavior.
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‘I started thinking, what if I shot somebody?’

Immediately after he shot at a red Dodge truck on Interstate 40, Tony Torrez told police he knew he had made a mistake.

“I shot at him,” Torrez told detectives after he was arrested. “I didn’t know anyone was in the car. I swear to God, I didn’t know anyone was in that truck.”

Torrez, 32, is accused in the road rage shooting of 4-year-old Lilly Garcia as she sat in the back seat of her father’s truck on Oct. 20. Lilly was taken to the University of New Mexico Hospital, where she died.
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Cracking Down on Road ROOMage

More officers are patrolling Albuquerque’s interstates and major roadways in honor of Lilly Garcia – the 4-year-old shot dead in a road-rage dispute earlier this year.

“Operation Lilly” is targeting aggressive drivers, and hundreds of citations have already been issued as part of the multiagency effort, which involves state and Albuquerque police officers and Bernalillo County sheriff’s deputies.
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New Road Rage Initiative Named for Lilly Garcia

Law enforcement across the metro have announced a new effort to combat road rage called "Operation Lilly."

It's named after four-year old Lilly Garcia. She was shot and killed in a road rage incident on I-40 in October. Lilly’s parents were at Friday’s announcement.
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Police Cracking Down on Road Rage

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"Operation Lilly" To Discourage Road Rage

Law enforcement officials say they are targeting reckless and aggressive drivers with Operation Lilly, an initiative that puts more patrol cars on the streets in the Albuquerque area.

Operation Lilly is named for 4-year-old Lilly Garcia, who was shot and killed on Interstate-40 during a road rage dispute.
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NM officials say 'Operation Lilly' aims to curb road rage

Her parents stood with Gov. Susana Martinez and about 40 law enforcement officers Friday as the governor, Mayor Richard Berry and State Police Chief Pete Kassetas announced Operation Lilly.

Kassetas says the multi-agency program involving state police, Albuquerque police and the Bernalillo County Sheriff's Department is funded by an overtime grant under the state Department of Transportation.
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Governor puts out call to fight road rage

Gov. Susana Martinez has a new enemy to take down — road rage.

On Friday, Martinez announced a “coordinated law enforcement effort to combat road rage” in the Albuquerque metro area, according to a release from the governor’s office.

The effort is named “Operation Lilly,” named after a 4-year-old girl who was shot and killed in a recent road rage incident, according to the release.
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